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Coaching – Business Coaching

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As your coach I accompany you and your company for a determined period of time as a neutral sparring partner, listener, devil’s advocate, motivator and feedback giver as well as advisor if needed or requested.

The starting point for coaching is always an individual concern and a defined goal. In coaching we can process your targeted topics, investigate alternatives and identify and solve unknown hurdles.
We use events from the past as a valuable experience to initiate personal changes. Subsequently, it is often sufficient to change the point of view and to consider other points of view to expand horizons and to discover new alternatives. With an extended scope of possibilities, problems can be solved in the best and most efficient manner. With coaching, new challenges and opportunities can be developed.


Coaching understanding

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I help my coachee professionally and personally to initiate change, set priorities, overcome hurdles and realize their vision. I guarantee targeted guidance and absolute confidentiality, valued and respectful interaction being for me a fundamental value between peers. To that end I combine my professional and personal experience with specific coaching and advising skills. The coachee accepts responsibility for establishing his goals and with my help works on his individual tools in order to prepare himself for new challenges and the day to day demands of life, both personal and professional.


Coaching methods

As a coach, I work with different methods (eg. interview techniques, NLP-Neuro Linguistic Programming, EMDR-Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, metaphors, solution-focused and systemic approaches, installation work, communication and conflict resolution models, reinterpreting / Reframing) and choose those tools which seem to me to be most suitable for the situation. In order to achieve a greater effect, methods and tools are often combined.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have in a personal meeting.

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