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Management Diagnostics, Managerial Auditing, Management Appraisal

The selection of the right leadership personnel and specialists, the targeted and sustained investment in human resources and a successful orientation for the future under changing conditions and competition – this requires clear goals, secure methodology and the right tools.

Management Evaluations, Managerial Development, 360-Degree Feedback

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By using a well-founded online instrument, your leadership personnel can be objectively analyzed and their development potential identified on an individual basis. What makes this special is the integration opportunities of business drivers that allow leadership personnel to assess future entrepreneurial and global developments and demands directly. With a web-based 360-degree feedback tool, each leader can take into consideration and integrate various perspectives over multiple hierarchy levels, as well as over complete audit or customer perspective.
With this procedure the time invested by each employee can be minimized down to roughly 20-30 minutes.

I accompany you and your employees throughout the entire process.


The right selections – competency analysis from your company’s perspective

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Every business area and specialty has its own, sometimes very specific, requirements for new people from within the company or from other areas who are to be integrated. For example, there are position-relevant characteristics and abilities, but also desired behavior, views, values etc.
In the selection process, I put the company specified for various business levels in the focus of the analyses and balance them with the help of the web-based survey tailor-made for the competency of the candidate. This approach offers your company clear added value – the selection of the right person becomes more objective and transparent.

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